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OracleŽ Database Backup and Recovery 11G

Oracle® Database Backup and Recovery Users Guide 11g Release 1 (11.1)
(Created 2007-09-13 | Last visit 2022-07-20 Report dead link Report dead link )

An introduction to flashback technology 10GR2

Flashback technology features. First we will look at what 9i provide and then we look at 10G enhancements - and they are BIG enhansements.
(Created 2007-03-27 | Last visit 2022-07-20 Report dead link Report dead link )

Recovery manager 10G

Oracle Recovery Manager satisfies the most pressing demands of performant, manageable backup and recovery, for all Oracle data formats.
(Created 2007-03-26 | Last visit 2022-07-20 Report dead link Report dead link )

10G RMAN testing part 1

In part 1 of this 2 part series, I'll provide you with a few backup and recovery tips, tricks and techniques that I think will help both beginners and experts alike. Since we are RMAN aficionados here at Giant Eagle, I'll finish the blog with an introduction to RMAN. In part 2, I'll highlight a few of the 10G RMAN new features we are interested in and provide you with Giant Eagle's detailed 10G RMAN test plan.
(Created 2007-03-26 | Last visit 2022-07-20 Report dead link Report dead link )

10g RMAN testing part 2

I'll begin part 2 of my series on RMAN by discussing a few of the 10G enhancements that we are interested in. I'll finish this series with our 10G RMAN test plan. Considering that we will be using this new release of RMAN to back up and recover our multiple terabyte data warehouses, I won't rest easy until I know I have tested every command that we use here at Giant Eagle.
(Created 2007-03-26 | Last visit 2022-07-20 Report dead link Report dead link )

OracleŽ Database Backup and Recovery Reference 10G

Oracle® Database Backup and Recovery Reference
10g Release 2 (10.2)
Part Number B14194-03
(Created 2007-03-26 | Last visit 2022-07-20 Report dead link Report dead link )

Oracle 10G availability enhansements - RMAN

Oracle 10g offers significant enhancements that help insure the high availability of any Oracle database, especially in the arena of disaster recovery. This article - the first in a series - concentrates on several new features available for backup, restoration, and recovery of Oracle databases, especially when using Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN).
(Created 2007-03-26 | Last visit 2022-07-10 Report dead link Report dead link )

Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) 10g: Reloaded

A backup of the database may be the only means you have to protect the Oracle database from a media failure. The cost and complexity of protecting the Oracle data ranges from the simple weekly backups to tape to the more involved file snapshots or standby databases.
(Created 2007-03-26 | Last visit 2022-07-21 Report dead link Report dead link )

Oracle10g Backup & Recovery

This is Oracle’s recognised way of doing what most DBAs have done manually for years, that is staging database backups on disk before sending them off to tape. The flash recovery area can be used as a single location for all recovery-related files. Files such as control files, online redo logs, archived redo logs, RMAN backup files and flashback logs.
(Created 2007-03-26 | Last visit 2022-07-20 Report dead link Report dead link )

Oracle9i Recovery Manager (RMAN)

Recovery manager is a platform independent utility for coordinating your backup and restoration procedures across multiple servers. In my opinion it's value is limited if you only have on or two instances, but it comes into it's own where large numbers of instances on multiple platforms are used. The reporting features alone mean that you should never find yourself in a position where your data is in danger due to failed backups.
(Created 2006-07-18 | Last visit 2022-07-20 Report dead link Report dead link )

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