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David Aldridge

I'm currently an independent consultant, specialising in the design, build and monitoring of Oracle data warehouses. Informatica and Business Objects are the current "tools of choice". Pretty exciting stuff, eh? Well, sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn't. Sometimes I spend a lot of time waiting for a lot of data to move around, and that's when you'll find me on the internet.
(Created 2006-03-10 | Last visit 2022-04-26 Report dead link Report dead link )

Michael Armstrong-Smith

Principal consultant and co-founder of Armstrong-Smith Consulting. Our company specilaizes in everything Oracle Discoverer. My wife and I are also the authors of the Oracle Discoverer 10g Handbook. Email me if you would like us to contact you regarding training, consultancy, or remote support.
(Created 2006-03-10 | Last visit 2022-04-26 Report dead link Report dead link )

Eddie Awad (aka ra3masis)

My name is Edward Awad. Most people call me Eddie (except when my wife is angry with me, she calls me EDWARD). I am an application developer. I live and work in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.
(Created 2006-03-10 | Last visit 2022-04-26 Report dead link Report dead link )

Jason Bennett

I've had an interest in publishing technical articles and HELPFUL code for a few years. In the past year I have managed to publish several articles on Oracle Technology Network and on the IOUG Website. I have also been a contributing author to two Oracle Press books (Oracle8i Web Development and Oracle9i Web Development) by Brad Brown of TUSC. I am (by trade and hobby) a developer who specializes in Oracle technologies and web based architectures. I have been an employee of both TUSC and Oracle Corporation.
(Created 2006-03-10 | Last visit 2022-05-21 Report dead link Report dead link )

Jeff Bernknopf

Jeff Bernknopf's XML DB & HTML DB Blog A source for information, articles and techniques for these emerging products.
(Created 2006-03-10 | Last visit 2022-04-26 Report dead link Report dead link )

Richard Byrom

This web log documents the daily experiences and learnings of Oracle Applications Consultants and Implementor's. OracleAppsBlog was founded by Richard Byrom, an Oracle Applications Consultant, Speaker and Author.
(Created 2006-03-10 | Last visit 2022-05-21 Report dead link Report dead link )

Lewis Cunningham

(Created 2006-03-10 | Last visit 2022-04-26 Report dead link Report dead link )

Jon Emmons

My background includes several years of database and systems administration in both academics and industry. My primary focus has been, and continues to be Oracle on Solaris. My personal interests are broad and readily apparent by the content and categories of my posts; however my biggest overriding interest is to know and understand how things work.
(Created 2006-03-10 | Last visit 2022-05-21 Report dead link Report dead link )

Eric Emrick

The views expressed are my own and not necessarily those of my employing company and its affiliates. The views and opinions expressed by visitors to this blog are theirs and do not necessarily reflect mine. I have worked as an Oracle DBA and systems architect for 12 years.
(Created 2006-03-10 | Last visit 2022-05-22 Report dead link Report dead link )

Chris Foot

Christopher Foot has been involved in database management for over 18 years, serving as a database administrator, database architect, trainer, speaker, and writer. Currently, Chris is employed as a Senior Database Architect at RemoteDBA Experts, a remote database services provider.
(Created 2006-03-10 | Last visit 2022-04-26 Report dead link Report dead link )

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