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Anil Passi

Oracle Applications ERP Training and Technical + Functional Articles
(Created 2008-01-23 | Last visit 2021-11-22 Report dead link Report dead link )

Tony Andrews

I have been working with Oracle databases for over 14 years, including a couple of years working as a Senior Consultant for Oracle UK Ltd. Now I work as an independent consultant specialising in analysis and design of Oracle databases and applications. I also play lead guitar in a great band called The Love Handles.
(Created 2006-03-10 | Last visit 2021-12-13 Report dead link Report dead link )

Robert Baillie

With a B.A. in Architecture and an M.Sc. in Computer Science, I've been working with Oracle since 1998. Most of this has been battling with impossible deadlines, mountains of bugs and software upgrades that customers were terrified to receive. In April 2004 I was shown the way of eXtreme Programming by a couple of Thoughtworkers, and never looked back. Working in a team that always wants to improve means that we're producing quality software that people want to use, and we're always learning. I can't ask for a more rewarding combination.
(Created 2006-03-10 | Last visit 2021-11-22 Report dead link Report dead link )

Stephen Booth

An Oracle DBA with experience of working on diverse projects to tight deadlines. Excellent teamwork developed through work on committees and multidisciplinary teams. Extensive experience in multidisiplinary problem solving using technical knowledge, process planning and project/general management skills.
(Created 2006-03-10 | Last visit 2021-11-30 Report dead link Report dead link )

Douglas Ian Burns

I am an Oracle 9i Certified Professional DBA with 15 years experience in a wide range of environments and have used Oracle versions 6.0 through to 10g on a number of different operating systems.
(Created 2006-03-10 | Last visit 2021-11-25 Report dead link Report dead link )

Andy Campbell

My motivation for this blog is to document tricks, features and tutorials for using Oracle.I've been an Oracle DBA for 7 Years and regularly come across stuff where I think, why didn't I know that, or I forgot that.Here I try to document them for myself and others
(Created 2006-03-10 | Last visit 2022-01-14 Report dead link Report dead link )

Andrew Clarke

Usual disclaimer: the opinions I express on my blog are my own and not necessarily those of my employers. Currently earning a living working as an Oracle database designer/builder and occasional Software Architect, whatever one of those is. I am the co-chair of the UK Oracle User Group Development Engineering SIG (which isn't quite as sexy as it sounds).

Also known as Arfur C.

(Created 2006-03-10 | Last visit 2021-11-22 Report dead link Report dead link )

Lisa Dobson

I've been working with Oracle products since 1997, beginning as a Financials end-user before progressing to support analyst and then a DBA. I currently work as a Senior Consultant, for SolStonePlus, specialising in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing tools. !
(Created 2006-03-10 | Last visit 2022-01-12 Report dead link Report dead link )

Pete Finnigan

Security Consultant
(Created 2006-03-10 | Last visit 2021-11-22 Report dead link Report dead link )

Tim Hall

I work with Oracle databases doing DBA, Design and Development. I publish articles on my website and recently started writing books
(Created 2006-03-10 | Last visit 2021-11-25 Report dead link Report dead link )

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