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Bas Klaassen Oracle EBS DBA

Oracle EBS Dba contractor. Available for Oracle eBS projects
(Created 2009-02-09 | Last visit 2021-11-22 Report dead link Report dead link )

Jaap Poot

At this moment I am a fulltime Oracle DBA responsible for 10G R2 databases and 10G R2 and R3 applicationservers. Working for the three dutch foundations responsible for organ and tissue transplants. Eurotransplant Internation Foundation, Bio Implant Services and the Dutch Transplantation Foundation
(Created 2007-05-01 | Last visit 2021-12-02 Report dead link Report dead link )


AMIS is a frontrunner in Oracle and Java Technology. Founded in 1991, we are over 50 developers who specialize in designing architecture and developing applications based on the latest technology.
(Created 2006-03-10 | Last visit 2021-11-22 Report dead link Report dead link )

Jeff Hunter

I am an Oracle and Java consultant working for IT-eye in the Netherlands. When I'm not working there's a good chance i'll be at the beach kite- or windsurfing.
(Created 2006-03-10 | Last visit 2022-01-14 Report dead link Report dead link )


Java Consultants
(Created 2006-03-10 | Last visit 2021-11-25 Report dead link Report dead link )

Anjo Kolk

Oraperf.com is run by Anjo Kolk. Anjo has worked for over 16 years at Oracle (1985-2001). While at Oracle he worked in different countries and different departments.
(Created 2006-03-10 | Last visit 2021-11-29 Report dead link Report dead link )

Wilfred van der Deijl

I now work at the IT department of Eurotransplant which consists of just over 25 people. We develop and manage applications for Eurotransplant, Bio Implant Services and the Dutch Transplantation Foundation. The department has one system architect, and that’s me!
(Created 2006-03-10 | Last visit 2021-12-10 Report dead link Report dead link )


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